Ain’t That Work?

May 28th, 2015 in Yesterday

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There is something about the work at High Camp that does not feel like work.  There is always a long list of repairs, painting, trail work, cleaning and woodcutting to do! It can feel overwhelming. Instead of letting the huge list exhaust us just in the reading we “pull a Tom Sawyer!” The truth is out now. Since our earliest involvement with Scottish Lakes we have had “Work Parties”. The name itself puts a smile on my face.

Tom Sawyer got the fence white washed by convincing his friends that he loved to do the work. As a result they all wanted to get involved. The High Camp Community does not take much convincing when it comes to High Camp Work Parties. The call for help went out May 1st this year and our 3 work parties are almost full! We will be creating waiting lists next and figuring out if we can handle more help.

The three work parties this year are July 25 and 26 for the High Camp Maintenance and October17 & 18 or October 24 & 25 for Woodcutting. When you commit to a work party you arrive in the parking lot around 8:45 for a 9:00am pick up. Everyone goes up at once usually around 20 to 25 people. The brave drive their own high clearance vehicles, everyone else rides with us. We get to High Camp by 10 and move into cabins. After an organization meeting we are usually working by 11. Everyone brings their own lunches. We work through the day usually quitting around 5. For dinner High Camp provides the main dish and workers bring either a salad or a dessert to contribute. The evening is fun and relaxing. The next morning around 8:15 High Camp provides a hearty breakfast of:  High Camp Eggs, Bacon, Sweet Breads, Fruit, Coffee and Juice. We then reorganize and work through the day. Usually we clean up between 3 and 4, getting to the parking lot around 5.

Each volunteer receives 3 nights of midweek lodging in exchange for their hard work over the weekend. The vouchers do not include transportation. These vouchers are transferable and have been known to be given as wedding gifts!

Now “Ain’t That Work?” You need to participate and make that decision. We all come down the mountain tired with smiles on our faces. There is something about working in the back country that enervates your life!