Don Hanson Memorial Scholarship Recipients

June 4th, 2015 in High Camp Happenings

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Over the past month I have had the pleasure of getting to know, through extensive applications, 14 young people ready to step out of high school into the next phase of their lives. They are remarkably prepared for their next challenge with high academic achievements, deep community involvement, fierce drive to improve themselves, and dreams that make you want to be present as they move into their exciting futures. We worked together, Don’s mother, Lucy and my two sons Erik and Bryce and I, studying each application and becoming acquainted with another marvelous student.  It was a difficult decision; each student worthy in their own special way.

Don Hanson Memorial Scholarship Winners

2015 Don Hanson Memorial Scholarship Winners

We made the decision to honor 4 students with scholarship money. One main recipient will receive $7000 and three others will receive $1000 each. The decision honored this incredible group of students who applied for this scholarship. We know Don would have loved to get to know all these kids and would feel blessed to be able to help them further their education.

Claire Seaman (far left on the photo with this article) is the main recipient of the Don Hanson Memorial Scholarship, receiving $7000. She plans to attend Smith College after taking a gap year to live in Bolivia where she will study Spanish, make life-long connections and learn more about herself. She plans to study multimedia journalism and environmental sciences and politics.

Meredith Krous receives a $1000 scholarship. She plans to attend Whitworth University studying elementary education.

Madeline Krous also receives a $1000 scholarship. She plans to major in nursing or pre-med at Whitworth University.

Kaycee O’Brien is a $1000 recipient. She plans to study at Central Washington University. She wants to work with people and have an impact on their lives.

We thank Katie Smithson, Cascade High School counselor, who helped us with the scholarship process and Ede Daniels who patiently guided us with her counseling experience and great relationship with Don.