Grey Wolf in the Chiwaukums

June 2nd, 2015 in Around the Woodstove

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As many of you know there are wolverine cameras in the Chiwaukum Valley. Wolverines have been sighted and one is even names Peg, after Peg Stark one of the founders of Scottish Lakes High Camp. Just google “Peg the Wolverine” and the site will come up. Great pictures! One of the cameras burned up in the Chiwaukum fire last summer.  Jim Clark is my connection with Conservation Northwest. We help him get to the cameras to check for activity. Here is a quote from him:

… this was at the first camera site that was destroyed in the fire and rebuilt last December. I’m glad to see quite a few animals pass by the cameras since the fire. Mountain lion, coyote, deer, squirrel, mouse, pine marten, tons of birds, bears and cubs, wolverine…

Grey Wolf

I love the fact that this burned out forest is coming back and there is evidence of wildlife. But, the coolest part is….a grey wolf was sighted! The photo was taken February 16, 2015. It is the first officially documented in the area since wolves began to recolonize Washington in the late 2000’s. Biologists believe this is likely a dispersing wolf that traveled into or through the area. Wild wolves pose no threat to humans. Hikers should take the same precautions they would for bears by properly storing food and keeping dogs on a leash.

Read more about this at the Conservation Northwest Website.