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June 30th, 2015 in Around the Woodstove

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Well this morning Zeke and Isaac Reister are heading south on the Pacific Crest Trail. Zeke works on staff at High Camp; his son Isaac has also worked for Scottish Lakes. They left Hart’s Pass and are hiking together to Stehekin. At that point Zeke will hop the boat to Chelan and Isaac will continue on down the trail on his own;  great father and son bonding adventure. But there is more! Lyra, Isaac’s girlfriend, is 700 miles into the PCT hike heading north from the Mexican border. She is hiking with her friend on a trip of a lifetime they have planned together for years. Over the last few months Isaac has been working in a solar manufacturing factory. He was following Lyra’s blog and communicating over the phone and realized how much he wanted to get out on the trail himself! Isaac did not want to infringe on Lyra’s dream so he is hiking south to meet her.  They will all hike together going north for a few weeks and then Isaac will turn back south and hike to the Mexican border.Isaac and Lyra

The entire PCT is 2650 miles so this is quite an adventure and usually takes around 5 months to complete. Isaac says: “The bottom-line reason I’m doing it is because it seems like every small step I take towards doing it makes me feel extremely happy…and I have stockpiles 100 pound of granola!”

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