Propane Standing Lights

June 29th, 2015 in Yesterday

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These 20 pound propane tanks used to haunt our lives! Each cabin had a tank perched on the outside wall to operate the propane burner. Also, each cabin had a free standing light attached to a propane tank for indoor lighting. These standing lights worked fine, but they took up a lot of room in our small cabins…they just got in the way. They were heavy and hard to move around. Worst of all was making sure we had enough extra tanks to replace those that had run out. We had about 20 tanks operating all over camp. We would replace the empty tank then snowmobile it down the mountain. We lived on the west side of Stevens Pass so we would drop ¬†off the empty tanks Start Up, picking up full tanks on our return trip. I have a memory of holding onto a tank as I was passenger on a snowmobile careening down the mountain.

Finally, we were able to obtain 250 gallon tanks for the upper cabins, 100 gallon tanks for smaller cabins and install a 1000 gallon tank between Bluebell and Trillium underground. It completely changed our lives. We now have the propane truck drive up to High Camp as late in the fall as we dare. All the large tanks are filled up and we do not have to refill until the following fall.