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July 27th, 2015 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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If you purchase a new green trails map, Chiwaukum Mtns, WA No 177, you will discover it is updated with a lot more detail. Our friend and well know hiking book author, Craig Romano worked on the upgrade of thee maps. The high meadows above Lake Donald, Loch Eileen and Lake Donald have 3 high points surrounding the meadow basin. In the past they just were labeled with their elevations on the green trails map. Over the years these high points have been given names.

Bill and Peg Stark named Baldy and Mcwaukum during their ownership of Scottish Lakes. Mcwaukum was named for the intersection of McCue Ridge and the Chiwaukum mountains. ┬áDon and I named Tamarack Peak. Until now they were casual names but when I purchased a new map there they were named on the map! We call these three the Triumvirate. On a wonderful day of hiking you can “bag” all three. My favorite approach is along McCue Ridge to High Point then through what we call the Hanging Gardens. First you scramble up Tamerack, then drop to the saddle and scramble Mcwaukum. After that it is a lovely ridge amble to Baldy. You can then descend through the Scottish Lakes making a monstrous loop trip. Big views and open off trail hiking. Bring a map and water (especially this year!).