It’s the Water

August 30th, 2015 in Yesterday

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High Camp is located in a perfect place, tucked in the lee of McCue Ridge protected a little from the elements. It is close to great skiing for all levels…just a perfect location. So, what was the final deciding factor for the ideal location of Scottish Lakes High Camp? Well it was the water source. There is a spring about 100 yards above the lodge that is our source of water. 

So, Bill and Peg took into account all the other aspects of High Camp’s perfect location of course! But a good water source is a necessity so that truly was the deciding factor.

During this hot, dry summer our spring is still flowing. We notice a little less water but not a dramatic change like we see in the low rivers and lakes all over the state of Washington. There are also a few additional springs in the area to access if we did have an issue with the one we use.

The best part of the spring is the taste! The water is wonderful, so cold and pure. There is also something beautifully simple about our gravity fed system. I think it is amazing we have enough water for the lodge and hot tub. We have the system sunk into the ground and well insulated. In the early days it would freeze up so easily. We finally have it pretty protected, although we leave the water dripping each cold fall and winter night.

There is more to the story! Here is an email I received after publishing this article:

When Bill and Peg started at High Camp we carried buckets to each tent and the lodge tent. After a season of that I talked Bill into trapping the spring and we laid black plastic pipe on the ground. Later it was buried. Plumbing the stove in the lodge to supply hot water was an interesting experiment. It worked and of course everyone was happy about showers and being able to wash dishes.

Jim of the Goon Squad