September 27th, 2015 in Yesterday

Past Articles

When we first purchased High Camp and were setting it up for guests we were floored by the number of mice. The place was overrun with them, nests everywhere! High Camp had not been used regularly for a while and it seemed the mice had taken over. We believed we would just clean the place up, make sure food was not left out, take care of garbage in cabins and presto! mice problem resolved. I have to say all those things helped, but mice are still and will always be an issue at High Camp. We do our best, but they were here first. So, it is a continuous battle to keep ahead of the Mice Game!

Our staff set traps all  the time. It seems the worst time is fall when mice are finding a place to spend the winter. We are constantly setting traps, trying to bring the mouse population down. Since we are vigilant, we are now staying ahead of the Mice Game as much as is possible.

Even at my house down near the parking lot mice are an issue. I have two cats, Gracie and Maggie Mae, who keep my house free of these pests. Recently I have had issues with mice in my car. I have had to set traps once in a while to catch that stray mouse who is trying to call my car home. I am constantly on the look out for evidence of mice inhabiting my little Rav 4. Recently I suspected an invasion and set two traps overnight and got nothing! I was thrilled to be wrong about that. So, I set off to Ritzville, Washington for a monthly meeting I attend there. It is a 3 hour drive, but quite scenic along the Columbia River, then I hop onto I-90 and blast on the last 75 miles east to Ritzville.

My story begins as I was driving back from my Ritzville meeting last Friday. It was a beautiful day and I  was planning to zip back stopping in Wenatchee to do shopping for High Camp. I slid onto I-90 and accelerated to 175 MPH or whatever that speed limit is along there. I am driving along and I feel a little movement across my sandaled foot. No matter, probably nothing. And then…on my shoulder….a little, vicious mouse! It was all I could do to hold myself together…or maybe I didn’t. I was swerving back and forth trying to get off the highway and out of that car away from that mouse. By the time I had pulled over I truly was hysterical! There was no way I could get back in the car with that mouse. I threw everything in the car out along the highway and went on the hunt. The little critter was quite bold. I could see it running around particularly from under the driver seat.

My only weapon was a my portable battery charger. It weighs a lot! I found a little muffin crumb and laid it on the carpet behind the drivers seat. I knelt on the back seat holding the heavy charger over the crumb and waited. The speeding cars and trucks along the interstate caused the car to shake violently each time they passed. Soon the mouse crept out toward the crumb. This was my chance! I was patient…I was ready…at the right moment a dropped the charger hard down onto the mouse. Success! Well, now I just had to get the stuff back in the car, get on the road and take the next exit to actually pick the charger up and get that flattened carcass out of my vehicle. So I get back on the road. Finally beginning to calm down.

A few miles down the highway I had the car up to speed and was recovering slowly when out of the corner of my eye I see a quick movement! I had missed. I swerved to a stop along the side of the highway, my adrenaline pumping and hysteria setting in once again. Nothing was under that battery charger! I flung everything out of the car once again…expletives , tears, defeated. As the car shuddered with each passing vehicle I tried to pull myself together once again. This time my anger set in. My only weapon? My sandal. I crouched once again on the back seat, hovering above the original muffin crumb. That cheeky little mouse came right out for it and I beat that rodent to death with the heel of my sandal in no time flat. Holding the car mat like a tray I removed the pummeled carcass and tossed it to the side of the road. I threw everything back in the car and drove off the victor…exhausted and spent.

I now drive around with a mousetrap set with peanut butter constantly in my car. This is what it has come to. And that is life in the wilderness.The weapon