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October 23rd, 2015 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Well we are taking a giant step into the 21st century now! With the help of my good friend and map expert, Wayne, we have set our website up to support pdf maps for High Camp that can be downloaded onto a FREE app on a smartphone. I can vouch that this can be done pretty easily since I was able to download the app plus our three pdf maps onto my phone! (not my area of strength!)  And, even better, I have been hiking around High Camp and into the back country successfully using these maps on my phone. I am totally blown away! Deadhorse Pass
Besides the 3 maps Scottish Lakes has to offer I was able to download wilderness  maps for the back country and use them on our Beat the Diner hike, which goes off trail to Cup Lake and over Deadhorse Pass. The app finds you on the map! Then you can navigate, you can create a route, and you can mark a point as you hike. I believe this is another tool hikers can use to safely navigate the back country. You still need to be able to use a regular map and compass and know where you are in the back country! This is an additional tool…not a crutch to bail you out when lost.

If you go to the Trips and Trails pull down on our website (scottishlakes.com) you will find the maps. Pull down to “Summer and Fall Hiking” and you will find 2 maps. One is the trail system around High Camp and the second map is for the Wilderness area which serves both for hiking and winter excursions. The pull down “Winter Trails and Routes” brings up 2 maps also. The first is the winter trail system and the second is the identical wilderness area map. Each pull down also shows the web address for the app:  https://www.pdf-maps.com/get-pdf-maps/

I would say let me know if you have problems with this…but I shudder to think of my inability to help. I will do what I can. Not many arrows in my quiver, as they say. But I think you can do it!