Yes, They Brought Their Own Tree!

October 28th, 2015 in Yesterday

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The year was 1995, early in our operation of Scottish Lakes High Camp. We had purchased an old Tucker snocat for winter transport and that plus a snowmobile were our two back country snow vehicles. As I have said before, the learning curve was straight up!! Christmas is a wonderful time to be at High Camp. The snow and quiet…shakes out all the extra distraction that has become part of the season. It boils down to what really matters in life.

We brought our guests up the entire 8 1/2 miles from Highway 2 at that time. A long trip in that old snocat. Thankfully this particular trip was successful! We made it all the way to High Camp with no issues or break downs…unusual. It was a good thing. This wonderful family had booked Paintbrush cabin for Christmas. When we went to load their gear in the parking lot we tried to keep the shock from showing as they handed dozens of wrapped presents to us to load in the snocat. Then, they took the tree that was tied to the roof of their car down and we realized they expected us to transport that to High Camp also! Of course we did it with a smile…but what a memory.

We arrived at High Camp probably 2 hours later. The snocat parked below Paintbrush we carried the individually wrapped presents, gear and finally the tree up to the cabin. We oriented the guests and they settled in. Later that afternoon we looked up towards the cabin and the family had put up the tree inside the cabin, decorated it, laid the gifts beneath it and then put up outdoor battery operated Christmas lights on the cabin. There is sat glowing in the snow on the hillside, a gorgeous sight. I tell you! These folk sure knew how to celebrate the holidays.