Heartstopper & Sideburn – OPEN!

January 4th, 2016 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Heartstopper and Sideburn are back as great options for skiing to mid mountain for downhill oriented backcountry skiers and boarders.  These two runs used to be favorites of many staff and guests and the most popular way to ski steeper terrain down to mid mountain.  In the past ten years they have decreased in popularity as their lower slopes became choked full of lodgepole pine, requiring bushwhacking that even I chose to avoid.  These runs were replaced in popularity by Big Rock Bowl, Bob’s Knob and Last Chance when a logging operation opened up those slopes. Thanks to the fire two summers ago and to a salvage logging operation the lower slopes of Heartstopper and Sideburn have once again been opened up.

Heidi teles Sideburn

Sideburn holds a dear spot in my heart because it was the spot that I had my near religious conversion to tele skiing eight winters ago.  I was still in leather boots and loaner skis when I skied Sideburn in “hero” snow with former host Jake Crist. For the first time in my life I linked close to ten turns and felt the exhilarating combination of running and flying that tele skiing can be.  I knew then that I was hooked. I can’t ski sideburn without remembering that magical day.

Sideburn is especially good for snowboarders because unlike Big Rock Bowl and Bob’s Knob there are no flat or uphill sections allowing for one continuous awesome run.  Heartstopper is a tad steeper than Sideburn and requires more effort to get to and get out of the bottom.  Because it is harder to get to it will always be blessed with fewer tracks than Sideburn, perfect for those with the time and energy to enjoy it.