High Camp around 1978 or so

January 1st, 2016 in Yesterday

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This is one of the earliest pictures we have of High Camp in the 70s. Jim Snider sent this to us. He is in back on the left in the white sweater. Reed Carlson is behind him with Bill and Peg Stark and their dog Aaron in front in the middle. If anyone recognizes themselves or others in this photo will you please let us know, hicamp@scottishlakes.com? We are always interested in stories and such from those earlier times.

High Camp 1978...or so

The structure in back is the lodge, exactly where it stands today. The basic structure still exists as the main room you enter when you walk in. The difference of course is, there’s a canvas tent on top where guests all slept. That area is now enclosed and serves as our staff cabin.

Bill referred to the young people surrounding him as “yahoos”. They worked hard up at High Camp, building many structures, bringing buckets of water from the spring down to the lodge, and of course skiing like crazy! Let us know stories you have of this era! These were hardy folk!!