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We used to be able to drive folks up to Scottish Lakes for just the transport fee so they could continue on and backpack into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area. They would stay however long the wished and then head back to High Camp. We would then transport them back down to their car. This was especially nice for aging backpackers and families with small kids. They could get up to 5000 feet in elevation before they set off on their backpack trip.

When the forest service discovered we were providing transportation to the back country they informed us we needed a special permit. This was not something we wanted to pursue…our main business is lodging. As a result we can only transport backpackers who stay at least one night at Scottish Lakes High Camp. This makes for an expensive backpack trip…more than we back country folk wish to spend on that kind of vacation. We are sorry about this! It makes the added boost of our transport available to those who can afford it.

Dogs are welcome!

Dogs are welcome!

Staying that night at High Camp can be quite a memory. You wander back into camp after your backpack, take a shower then hop into the hot tub for a long soak. You can leave food in a cooler at the camp so it is available when you return. Frozen steaks are defrosted and ready for the grill. Cold drinks can be further cooled down in the stream that runs through camp. So this fun stuff is the flip side.

There are many wonderful backpacking destinations within hiking distance of Scottish Lakes. If you are interested, email me at and I will help you plan your trip. See you in the High Country!