Hiking with Kids

May 1st, 2016 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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During July, August and through September 29 the lodging for kids at Scottish Lakes High Camp is FREE! This is a great opportunity for families to get into the back country to hike. There are wonderful routes out of High Camp for any level of hiking. Families always want to know what trails are best for hiking with their kids. Three shorter hikes come to mind, although there are of course many more if your family has more hiking experience and can go a little longer.

High Country Trail about 3.5 miles round trip

This hike is actually an extension of the forest service road that leads up to Scottish Lakes High Camp. The advantages to hiking along this road is you can all stroll together, side by side. Another advantage is the wonderful views of the North Cascades and the Chiwaukum Mountains along the way. Head out of High Camp on the road, it soon breaks out of the trees to views of the North Cascades. Follow the road for about 1/2 miles and you will reach a prominent point called Glacier View. If you walk out onto the point you get  a beautiful view of Glacier Peak. You can also experience your first view of the High Meadows from here. Continue along the road through forest to Picnic Point, another nice view above Roaring Creek. From here you can return to High Camp or continue on to Lake Julius, another mile along the Forest Service Trail.


Sunset Trail about 1 1/2 miles round trip

This short family hike is an ideal way to begin your exploration of the wonderfully scenic Chiwaukum Mountains! To reach the trail, take Mac’s Express for the first hundred yards. At a prominent junction, turn left and follow the winding route as it climbs to the top of Wild Bill Hill and reaches the boundary of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Enjoy the spectacular views of Snowgrass and Big Chiwaukum summits from Sunset Meadow. Feast on the dramatic vistas of Glacier Peak and other distant Cascade peaks as you return to High Camp.Sunset Meadow


Stegasaurus Rock 2 miles round trip

This short, often steep, hike leads to two great vantage points above High Camp. Follow Mac’s Express to its end (about 1/2 mile) and proceed straight ahead on the Cliffhanger ski trail. Continue up this trail for about 1/4 mile to Inspiration Lookout. Stop and enjoy the stunning views of Glacier Peak and other summits to the north and east. For even better views, proceed upward and swing to the west, ascending a short, very steep section of trail. Within a few minutes arrive at Stegosaurus Rock. Views abound in every direction. The prominent mountain to the southeast is Big Jim. Look carefully and see if you can spot the bright green roof of the woodshed at High Camp far below you.