The Good News and the Bad News

August 25th, 2016 in Yesterday

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Communication is really important for Scottish Lakes High Camp to run smoothly. In the early days we used hand held radios. They did not work everywhere and it was a pain to keep them charged. We had a regular car battery up at camp that we used to charge the radios and when the battery ran low we lugged it down to our base office and plugged it in to recharge. Not a perfect system but we made it work. In early times at High Camp there were not even radios. For many those were beautiful times! No interference from the outside world. I totally agree with that philosophy….until there is some kind of problem. 

Now we have really great cell service at High Camp and even into the back country. This makes communication much more efficient. It can also lull us into a false sense of security. Let’s keep our wits about us and make good decisions as we hike…as though we had no contact with the outside world. I would suggest traveling with your phone turned off or on airplane mode if you wish to use the camera. Do your best to truly unplug.

We have solar power now at High Camp which we use to charge the staff and camp cell phones so we have good communication. We don’t mind charging guest phones if there is enough solar power stored up. There are times when we need to just use our system for emergency cell charging, especially in December and January when the angle of the sun is low.

Well, I can’t really be one to preach on this. My phone is always on even when I am hiking above High Camp. It is my traveling office. I have a deep sense of responsibility to our guests to make their stay as smooth and carefree as possible. So, I don’t unplug at High Camp. But! I will unplug when I backpack in the Goat Rocks in September! Eric will be around to take care of High Camp and I will be blissfully unaware!

There is one at my house and one at High Camp for back up.

There is one at my house and one at High Camp for back up.