Mattresses, Yesterday and Today

October 30th, 2016 in Yesterday

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I don’t usually feature a vendor in my newsletter but as I drove an old suburban over the pass to pick up some new mattresses I got to thinking how long l had worked with this company. 1994! That is a while back. When we first got High Camp the mattresses were just sheets of foam about 4 inches thick on all the bunks. They were old and damaged…easy to have happen since there was no cover. The foam had acted like a sponge over the years and that is all I can say about that.  We tied them to the a trailer…a mountain of putrid foam. They went to the dump!

New mattresses were one of the first purchases we made upon ownership of Scottish Lakes. It was a necessity! We found a company in Marysville that would make them special for us. We had to have custom mattresses since all the bunks at High Camp at that time were odd shapes. I measured them all and gave the measurements to Nick at Slumber Ease Mattress Factory in Marysville.  He made about 20 mattresses all in odd sizes, they had a light green plastic cover. You might recognize one that is stored under the bed in the featured picture.  They looked great! Such an upgrade from the old ones. They migrated over the pass and we would get them up any way possible. The snow had already fallen so they were strapped onto the back of snowmobile sleds.

We also took a huge batch up in the back of the Tucker Snocat. Of course it was at night. And of course it was snowing. That year we had snow clear down to the parking lot on November 9th. So it was already deep. The snocat rolled up the entire 8 1/2 miles from Highway 2. We did not plow the first 4 miles of the road in those days. Well, we made it to High Camp and then noticed that the back double doors of the cat had swung open during the long excursion. We had lost a few mattresses out of the back and they had slide wildly down the hill in all directions. We went back and found some that night, the rest we had to retrieve the following morning. They were all over the place!

We have replaced most of those mattresses. Replacements still come from Nick at Slumber Ease, but now are covered in dark blue strong nylon type material. They are much more comfortable to sleep on…less crackly. But they would still slide out of the back of a snocat and disappear down the hill! We have a few of the older models around camp. One is always strapped to the tree at the bottom of the sled run each winter…to keep kids safe.


20+ year old foam mattress.

20+ year old foam mattress.