Aladdin Lamps

November 27th, 2016 in Yesterday

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Right after we purchased Scottish Lakes High Camp we got into Aladdin Lamps. They have aesthetic beauty and give off lots of light with a cheerful glow. We decided to put one in each cabin and outfit the lodge with about 4 regular size and a large hanging lamp over the counter in the kitchen. It was before we had plumbed cabins and lodge for propane and this we our solution to  better lighting for our guests. 

A couple of pints of kerosene can provide hours of light and also heat (2800 BTUs). They operate using both a mantle for light emission and a wick to draw up the fuel. When operated by experts they worked really well. Our problem was that our guests were not experts and even the staff struggled to consistently be able to light the Aladdin. It was just not a simple process.

  • the chimney cracked if it was cold when lit
  • the mantle was expensive and very fragile…easy to damage.
  • they were clumsy to fill with kerosene and it was difficult to tell when the fuel was running low, you were not suppposed to let them run dry
  • the wick had to soak up fuel for at least an hour before lit
  • you were not supposed to leave them unattended when lit

Sadly, it just did not work to use this gorgeous lamps in a back country setting. They are more meant for a private home for use with a skilled operator. So we had to get rid of them and move on to the propane light system that we have today. It is much easier to use and gives off lots of light. But I sure miss the glow of the old Aladdin lamps!