McCue Ridge and Cowabunga

November 18th, 2016 in Trips, Trails, & Tours, Video Gallery

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My good friend Erik just sent me this wonderful video! Taken last January it shows the classic McCue Ridge run with the addition of Cowabunga at the bottom in perfect snow conditions on a beautiful day. Well, it’s always like that in the mountains right??? As we watch the weather each day looking for more snow to bring skiing to the mountains this is an awesome reminder of how good it can be. Russ joins Erik as they ski together, both have been coming up to Scottish Lakes for the last twenty years +. 

This tour starts with a climb to the top of McCue Ridge elevation 6000 feet. They might have climbed up to the High Point of the ridge which is 6288. It is glade run down the ridge and you will notice they ski through the burn of the Chiwaukum Fire (2014). This area is stark and eerie with ghost trees all around you. They then connected the McCue Ridge run with Cowabunga which is near High Camp (5000 feet). The end of that run puts you on the snowmobile road about 1/4 mile below the camp. Of course, they could have continued down Big Rock Bowl or traversed over to Bob’s Knob dropping down to mid mountain (3400 feet). If conditions were good you can even ski the road clear down to our parking lot which is about 2100 feet in elevation. Now that would be quite an exit from High Camp!

Snow Dance Everyone! Chris