Snocat Tracks

November 29th, 2016 in Around the Woodstove, High Camp Articles

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The big news of the maintenance season is new tracks for our Piston Bulley! Mario worked so hard to replace the old worn tracks with new ones. It is huge work. You unhook the old track then actually drive the snocat out of it! Then you take out many thousands of bolts, pull off the old track and replace it with new…also replacing worn ┬ábolts. It is hours of hard work!

The amazing thing is that at the end of the project I got to help hook the track back on! They needed me! When you drive a snocat with one track off and one one it doesn’t steer. We had to coax the cat into the correct grooves of the new tracks using spray oil and a come-along. It kept wanting to drive right out of the groove. Very frustrating! Using incredible ingenuity, Mario, Larry and I were able to finish the job .

Thank heavens tracks were on before the snow flew!


you drive the cat right out of the track!

you drive the cat right out of the track!