A Blast From the Past

January 23rd, 2017 in Yesterday

Past Articles

This photo appeared in the Getaways magazine section of the Seattle Post Intelligencer, December 27, 2001. I have no memory of the article and the picture seems to be much older than that! We purchased Scottish Lakes in 1994, so I believe the picture was taken earlier. This is a shout out to those High Camp Yahoos of the Bill and Peg Stark era.

Who is this skier? Someone believes it is Bill Stark? When was the picture taken? It looks to me as though it is spring skiing.

We also do not have a copy of the article. Maybe it was written in 2001 and they just pulled a file picture and slapped it on the cover.

I am pretty sure the skier is approaching Baldy and the photographer is looking towards the saddle between what we call Tamarack and McWaukum. I would love to hear other ideas on this. And if anyone out there was on this ski trip, tell us about it!