Boundary Trail

January 1st, 2017 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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Boundary Trail is a connector between Ridgetop Trail and Picnic Point. During the summer it is actually the regular forest service trail that goes from the top of McCue Ridge down to cross Roaring Creek and on to Lake Julius or Loch Eileen. We call it Boundary Trail since it is located outside the boundary to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness on Forest Service Land. Notice how deep the snow is already this year!

This is a beautiful little trail both summer and winter as it drops towards Picnic point through forest, rock cliffs and little creeks. A nice ski or snowshoe trip in the winter is to leave High Camp via Jirka’s Trail turn left at Ridgetop as it climbs towards the ridge and then turn off to the right and drop down to Picnic Point heading back to High Camp via the High Country trail. The loop is probably about 3 miles, although I have never actually figured the distance out accurately. It is a lovely route through protected forests. The only big mountain views would be on your way back along High Country Trail. A nice afternoon tour during your stay at Scottish Lakes.