Upper Wenatchee Community Lands Plan

January 3rd, 2017 in High Camp Articles

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“It is no secret that the Upper Wenatchee River Basin – with its outdoor recreation, scenic rivers, healthy forests, and spectacular landscapes – is a great place to work, play and live. And right now, a recent change in ownership of 38,000 acres means that our community has a unique opportunity to ensure that our natural resources remain healthy for generations to come.”

These words introduce an opportunity that may effect Scottish Lakes High Camp in the future, since our lease is with Weyerhaeuser and the land is part of the 38000 acres that is being sold. I attended a meeting about a year and a half ago where information was gathered from the community to find out what might be the best usage for the land that is planned to be sold It took quite a while but there is now a report recently issued that put together the results of community meeting and surveys from all over the Upper Wenatchee Valley. Go to the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust website if you are interested in reading this plan.

The report of course is huge and overwhelming at first. If you go to pages 80 to 83 the results are mapped. It shows that recreational opportunities are a high priority in the Nason Sub Area of which Scottish Lakes is a part, and the area where Scottish Lakes is particularly. Change is not going to happen overnight, but it will be interesting to see how this plan progresses. I believe it can only be good for Scottish Lakes High Camp!