Bob’s Knob

February 8th, 2017 in Trips, Trails, & Tours

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This has become the staff’s preferred descent from high camp to mid mountain because of its superb fall line skiing and generally good snow: everything from powder, which can be preserved for weeks after a storm, to creamy corn. This run is more enjoyable than ever thanks to the thinning of what had become a dense lodge pole pine thicket above Tranquility.

To find Bob’s knob descend from camp on our snowmobile track for half a mile. You’ll go past roundabout on your left, go under the Cowabunga run on your right then skate across the flats until the road turns to the right and starts to descend. Here, follow the sign that says “to Big Rock”. If you come to Telemark forest and Peg’s promenade you have gone 30 meters too far. Go back! It is more enjoyable than trying to cut across Telemark forest. After leaving the snowmobile track you will keep traveling on a flat bench before the run drops off into good skiing through little trees. Check out the view before starting to make turns.

You will see Bob’s knob, the bald hump in front and a little to your right. That is where the good skiing really starts, you’re just on the warm up slope so far. Because of the thinning it is much easier to maintain a little speed at the bottom where you cross the Tranquility trail. Here the skinanagins begin. (Skinanagins: the act of going up gentle slopes with skis designed to go down without putting skins on. Techniques involve sidestepping, herringboning, poling, pulling on trees, and skating). If you are pressed for time it is faster to drop through Big Rock bowl through the valley on the left of Bob’s knob. But making the gentle (yet exhausting) climb to the top of Bob’s is worth it. From the summit of the knob I descend down the open slope, at the end where it crosses a logging road I head left. To gain the crest of a gentle right trending ridge and follow that down through the widely spaced trees until I reach the snowmobile track. For steeper skiing stay farther left.

Bob’s deposits you on our snowmobile track directly above Last Chance. I savor a short rest and look back at my tracks on Bob’s knob before carving down Last Chance.