Thank everyone for a tremendous experience…

February 28th, 2017 in Testimonials

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We were just there and I want to thank everyone for a tremendous experience. I’ve wanted to come for about ten years, but kept waiting for my kids to be old enough to enjoy the skiing. My family was dubious about following me on this adventure, but they all loved it. The drivers (Raven, Tami and Katlynne) got us there in style and comfort.

Also, on the way down on the last day, one of us had back spasms and had trouble making it; thanks to one of your snowmobile drivers who went back a mile to get her!

The camp was great. Makenzie and Zeke were great hosts. Zeke especially was great help for trip planning, route finding tips, etc. Loved hanging with them both in the hot tub and talking about the world. Great to have the extra snowshoes, snowboards, and sleds for the kids to play with. We left a pair of our outgrown kids’ snowshoes to add to the mix. Use them well!

Anyway, thanks again. May you all get to stay and play there forever. We’ll rave about it to our friends and hope to get back someday!

Michael, Kelly, Sara, and Noah Lippman (and Bella- Woof!)