Wooden Skis and Bamboo Poles

February 26th, 2017 in Yesterday

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When I purchased my first pair of cross country skis in the early 1970’s they were made of wood with a three pin binding. I had leather boots that laced up. We used bamboo poles and wore really long wool sox to pull up under our wool knickers. I guess that dates me! But at lease it shows a long history of cross country skiing! I downhill skiedĀ in high school, but we were into the back country! So, before I ever tried cross country skiing I bought the complete set of gear. I knew I would love it! And it has been my primary winter recreation for over 40 years! My goodness….

My skis are still being used! Although, as you can see in the photo, not for skiing. They lay along side of another pair worn by Peg Stark (probably older than mine) as a base for our very creative bookshelf in the lodge at High Camp. I remember when my good friend created the shelf, he made sure we could slide the skis out in case we ever wanted to use them again!

These old wooden skis had to be treated with Pine Tar using a propane torch to heat the tar up and paint it into the bottom of the ski. You did this periodically during the season and also carried waxes to apply based on the temperature and snow conditions. It worked great! I used these wooden skis for many years. They served me well!