New Website...Alpine Lakes High Camp!

Austin and I want to start off by saying Thank You! We are so honored and grateful to carry on the legacy of this extraordinary place. Everyone that is a part of this community has been incredibly welcoming and helpful throughout the transition process. Between the Starks and the Hansons, there are some HUGE ski boots to fill and we will do our best to follow in their footsteps. We are very excited to share the history of this place and would love to hear your stories, memories, and experiences of High Camp, so please send them our way!

We also want to ensure you all were the first to hear of some exciting new changes that we are launching right away:


Alpine Lakes High Camp has a new website that includes online booking! What?!? Amazing right? We’ve been working on overdrive the past couple of months planning and building it, as we wanted to do High Camp justice and represent this unique place in the best way possible. See it at

Cabin Rates

We have a new pricing structure, tied to the shift to online booking. The overall prices are inline with the previous per-person rates, but are now nightly cabin rates to simplify the process.



Dogs are still allowed at High Camp on weekdays throughout the year for $30/night with no transport fee. Additional details on this are in the online FAQs.


Also, we are no longer offering linens due to a shift in operations, so please be sure to pack a pillowcase and sleeping bag for your visit!


We want to make sure to keep High Camp family focused, so we’re rolling out a “1st Kid stays Free each night” for every booking across the ENTIRE year (including holiday nights). One of the things we love about High Camp is the multiple generations that are a part of this community and kids being introduced to the outdoors through camp visits. This takes the place of the Family Weekend rates allowing all year long kid discount options!

And More...

There are also exciting updates and improvements being made to the property as we prepare for our August 1st opening, so stay tuned! We look forward to getting to know every single one of you and continuing to provide an epic backcountry experience.

Do you have questions or comments? Feel free to contact us!

Alpine Lakes High Camp

An Incredible Adventure Continues...

Don and Chris Hanson

It has been an incredible adventure owning and operating Scottish Lakes High Camp these past 23 years. Don and I truly enjoyed getting to know every single one of you and being a part of your backcountry experience. Although he is no longer with us, Don treasured every minute at High Camp and sharing this special place with such an extraordinary community. I am so grateful for all of your support, love, and appreciation of this wonderful place – it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Justin and Austin Donohue

That being said, I am pleased to introduce the new owners of High Camp who will be carrying on its legacy: Justin and Austin Donohue! They moved to Leavenworth from Seattle about two years ago and are excited to take on the new adventure of running High Camp. Both are outdoor enthusiasts and their experience and expertise in the space will bring new energy, ideas, and exciting changes, while also embracing the history of High Camp.

Justin is an avid backcountry skier, mountain biker, and hiker, and actually did his degree in Outdoor Education. On top of that, he even has marketing experience with companies like REI and Sierra Club. Austin – a Seattle native – enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and trail running. They are a really sweet couple that are thrilled to step into all the work and joy that entails managing High Camp.

I know you will all be pleased to see the exciting changes and updates to come, with the first one being a name change. Scottish Lakes High Camp will now be Alpine Lakes High Camp, which speaks to the location perfectly and embraces the history of this special place. They are planning to revitalize the property with improvements to the cabins, lodge, and bathhouse this summer. In addition, they will be adding bike trails and starting next year, Alpine Lakes High Camp will be open year-round – making it the perfect mountain bike and summer hiking getaway! A new website is also on the way that will eventually allow online booking. Lots of exciting things happening!

Please join me in welcoming Justin and Austin! I am confident you will enjoy them as much as I do and recognize what a perfect fit they are for this unique and rewarding vocation.



We appreciate all of the support and welcoming words, as well as feedback and stories of the history of High Camp. Thank you for being a part of this incredible community.


See you in High Country!
Justin ⁄ Austin