Events Calendar

Summer Pre-Season Work Party (July/August)

This popular event is usually conducted on a late July or early August weekend. Participants may choose from three different work crews:

  1. Repair and Renovation
  2. Painting
  3. Trail Maintenance

Date of the work party is announced each year in our May 1st newsletter.

Fly Fishing Weekend (September)

Join us on the second weekend in September each year and take part in our popular Fly Fishing Clinic and Field Trip. Expert anglers provide the instruction each year. A small fee is charged for materials.

Woodcutting Work Parties (October)

This popular event occurs on two consecutive weekends every October. A wide variety of jobs are available for workers. Dates of the work parties are announced each year in our May 1st newsletter. Call us for more details.

Trail Marking Party (November)

Another popular annual event! The Trail Marking Party occurs each year on the Monday and Tuesday just prior to Thanksgiving. Participants ski the trail system in small groups, adding markers and performing trail maintenance. This annual event is a great way to welcome the winter season!

Family Weekends (Winter Season)

Our Family Weekends occur once a month. Kids, ages 5-14, stay free so not only is it great for your family’s budget, but these events also provide opportunities for children to make new friends. For specific dates, please check our calendar.

Pot-lucks (Winter Season)

One of Scottish Lakes’ best traditions is the Saturday night pot-luck. These gatherings occur every Saturday night during the winter season. Guests are invited to bring a main dish and either a salad or dessert to share. High Camp sets the table, provides non-alcoholic beverages (beer and wine okay to bring), and best of all, does the dishes.

Tree Trimming Party (December)

Another great High Camp tradition is the Tree Trimming Party that occurs every year on December Family Weekend. Kids (of all ages) are invited to the lodge at 4:00 pm on that Saturday to create old-fashioned decorations for the tree, help bake cookies in the lodge oven and sing along with some great holiday songs. Bing Crosby even makes an annual appearance!

Newfoundland New Year’s (New Years Eve)

Definitely one of our best traditions at High Camp! Fancy hors d’oeuvres, champagne, sparkling cider and funny hats add to the fun. A rollicking party begins at 6:00 pm so that we can celebrate at the same time as the fine people of Newfoundland (7:30 pm PST) Often the party continues outside with torchlight sledding, skiing and snowboarding.