Other Activities

Visitors at High Camp enjoy a wide variety of activities.

The clear, sunny Indian summer weather makes just being at High Camp a pleasure. Take a nap in the hammock, play a game of horseshoes, feed the birds, walk up the hill to pick a handful of huckleberries or sit around the campfire telling stories and counting shooting stars.

A day hike from High Camp into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area will take a fisherman to a dozen trout filled lakes and will give the phtographer infinite opportunities, from ridgetop vistas, to colorful wildflower meadows and alpine tarns.

Snowshoeing is becoming an increasingly popular activity at High Camp. The numerous scenic viewpoints in the region make great destinations for winter hikes on snowshoes. Twelve pairs of snowshoes in various sizes are available to guests at no extra cost.

Backcountry snowboarding is another winter activity that has greatly grown in popularity in recent years. Slopes immediately around High Camp range from gentle to challenging.

Sledding is popular with kids of all ages. There are several attractive areas in and around High Camp from gentle child friendly slopes to more thrilling hills for the adventurous. A wide variety of sleds are available to all guests.